Spread the feminist politics of Green Youth


Great arguments are hard to find when you need them the most 

About the project

The international woman’s day is a notoriously media heavy day, an there is always a struggle to reach the masses during it. The Green Youth needed a way to cut through media noise and share their feminist message.    


A simple website with merely one button that upon clicking would give you an example of how the patriarchy is effecting us all negatively. The exemples were made to fit perfectly on twitter an would allow its users to find great arguments quickly. To further extend the impact of the campaign we also launched several stories from women that suffered because of the oppression, and launched a political platform to counter the patriarchy’s effect.

The site became the most talked about site of the day a reached 7000 likes during the day and were featured on influential bloggs such as Supersnippan, Lady Dahmer, Fitteffekten och Tjejzonen. It was also called the best political campaign by Sweden’s leading morning paper DN. All of this without spending any money on media buy.