Enable people to show their feminist opinions in a fun way.


People love unicorns and temporary tattoos.


This was a part of the Green party’s festival tour that visited more than 30 festivals all around Sweden. It served as a conversation starter and sparked tons of political conversations that helped to break all previous recruitment records for Green Youth.


Inspired by the Internet, we took the magical creature and defender of all that is good - the unicorn, and made a temporary tattoo out of it. 

I wanted it to be bold and have a bit of attitude, so I used very clear and punchy colors and added the pride flags colors for both the mane and the horn. 

We needed a message that was bold and direct. "feminist as fuck" captures the fight for equality in a simple sentence.  

It was so popular that we had reprint it three times and in total we produced 30,000. One girl even tattooed a real one, and it was featured on the front page of Sweden’s biggest morning paper DN