Cover art for the FATTA MAN movement that fights for equal gender rights in Sweden, the song was called "Det börjar med mig" (It starts with me) a collaboration between some of Swedens biggest artists such as Adam Tensta, Erik Rapp, Zacke och Parham. 

I was inspired by the songs lyrics that mainly focus on how we all are a part of changing our society and that it all starts by questioning yourself and how you act and what you can do. I had the idea to create an abstract portrait that is either falling a part or coming together depending how you look at it to further enhance the feeling that it all starts with questioning   society. 

After the creation of the album art I have worked with Fatta Man och various project to create a strong language that reaches the masses with the great and important message they have. I have designed T-shirts for their collaboration with A Place, posters and banners for their recent event at We Are Sthlm