My goal in life is to create amazing things that inspire people.  

My ideas always come from the pursuit of understanding why we behave like we do and how it effect us. 


In my life I have always aspired to do great things, and I believe great things happen when you are able to challenge what people think.              For me creativity is the best tool to achieve that effect.

I have worked all around the world as a creative and AD and had the opportunity to work with brands such as Google, British Airways, Kraft foods and many more. I have created an led projects for political parties, coded websites, designed logos and pretty much anything that has to do with communication and design. That broad spectrum of experiences has given me the ability come up with great ideas and lead projects successfully on small as well as big budgets.      

If you would like to know more about me I would love to visit your agency and have a chat, so drop me an email or a call me and lets meet up. 


Tel: +46733898981